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FYI: Did You Know…

Painting contractors Maple Ridge

    • The outside of your house should be painted every 5-7 years
    • We recommend you choose the best quality paint you can afford as it lasts longer. Less expensive paint may start peeling or fading in 4 years or less, whereas higher quality paint will hold up longer, ultimately saving you money and colour quality long-term
    • Hand painting the exterior of your home, although more time consuming over faster methods such as spray painting, provides a thicker coat, which provides better protection by penetrating deeper into the wood and crevasses


What Our Painting Services Include:

Interior-Exterior-Painting Services

For Exterior Painting (Outside of house)

      • Cleaning Services Vancouver bcAll preparation work, including removing all loose paint with pressure washing equipment
      • Seal and cover of any dark stains
      • Professional caulking of all seams, corners and around windows or trim
      • Applied epoxy filler to repair any serious woodwork problems
      • All rough surfaces will be sanded, including priming the bare wood with a bonding primer

For Interior Painting

      • Cleaning Services Vancouver bcAll preparation work, including taping fixtures, masking holes of all sizes and sanding walls
      • Professional high-grade paint job. All our work is fully guaranteed, where we pride ourselves on excellent work and results that show it!

From Interior painting and spackling to repairing cracks and old patch jobs. We will make your rooms look great!


We Also Do:

    • Exterior work such as fences, outdoor furniture, sun decks, sheds, railings and trim.
    • Finishing touches, such as varnishingCleaning Services Vancouver bc
    • Re-painting mailboxes, street numbers, drain pipes and other accent items


Every house is different, and cost is dependent on factors such as height of ceiling, amount of detail and of course number of rooms you’d like painted. We offer excellent pricing for exterior painting jobs.

Call and get a free quote for your unique painting needs, simply click below.

Cleaning Services Vancouver bc

Before & After

Cleaning Services Vancouver bc

Before & After

Cleaning Services Vancouver bc

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