Outdoor Cleaning Services Vancouver

Outdoor Cleaning Services Vancouver: Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly/Yearly.

Outdoor Cleaning Services – Pressure Washing / Roofs / Gutters / Siding / Driveways / Sidewalks. With state-of-the-art mobile equipment we can deliver the most technological approach to all pressure washing and steam cleaning needs. With pressure capabilities up to 4,000 p.s.i.
Pressure washing services can improve the look and value of buildings, sidewalks, loading docks, parking garages, services bays and more. We perform preventive maintenance and cleaning for routine, scheduled outage and emergency response.

Gutter Cleaning – Mostly cleaned by hand leaving no mess on the grounds.

Window Cleaning – Manually cleaned by hand with squeegee techniques using ladders and tucker poles when necessary.

Lawn Mowing – We use Commercial Honda Mowers and include raking and leaf blowing plus debris removale from site.

Tree Trimming / Hedging – In the spring hedges can be trimmed by So Clean to remove any dead or broken branches. This is the time of year when your hedges will grow the most. After your hedges have achieved their maximum growth, late summer or early fall July-Sept is the best time for a second trimming when you can shape the hedges and at their slower rate of growth they will maintain their shape the longest.

Swimming Pool maintenance cleaning – Vacuum and water balancing. So Clean Pool Service offers three swimming pool and spa cleaning and maintenance service options for residential customers. Each option includes a visit every week by a professional and experienced pool technician.

Painting – Interior and Exterior – Our crews have painted more than a hundred Residential / Commercial spaces for office building and retail spaces. We do all preparation work required including scraping, sanding, caulking, and then prime and paint all surfaces using good quality paint. Crews work vigorously to meet scheduling and quality requirements.

• Interior Commercial Painting
• Exterior Commercial Painting
• Interior Painting of Light Industrial Spaces
• Exterior Painting of Light Industrial Spaces
• Interior Painting of New Home Construction
• Exterior Painting of New Home Construction

Our Team is skilled and dedicated to satisfying most of your property demands.

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