Our costs and what we offer: In all cases we will visit your business to give you a FREE cost estimate.

House Cleaning

  •     We offer weekly,  monthly, one time, and contract services.
  •     One time only like Move-in/Move out: Basic or Extensive.
  •     Regular basic cleaning services or All-round Maintenance.
  •     We can customize a program that’s right for you.

* Signing up for more frequent service means a discounted rate. Biweekly cleaning versus one-time to save money.

One-time Basic cleaning service 2-4 Hours depending on size, (Equipment and Supplies Included)

  1. 900-square foot two-bedroom apartment with five rooms costs, $95.00. Biweekly costs $75.00 per visit.
  2. 1,300 square-foot single-story home with seven rooms, costs $145.00. Biweekly     costs $120.00 per visit.
  3. 2,200 two-story three-bedroom home with nine rooms, costs $155.00. Biweekly costs $130.00 per visit.
  4. Larger nine-room two-story home costs $175.00. Biweekly costs $150.00 per visit.
  •     Major tasks like window and wall cleaning are an extra charge upon request.
  •     Window or Wall cleaning (indoor only), costs $5.00 each depending on size.
  •     Oven or refrigerator cleaning, costs $25.00 per unit.
  1. A typical basic cleaning includes vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing sinks, counter tops, range hoods, mopping floors.   Loading the dishwasher, changing bed linens, and sanitizing showers and toilets.

*     Please make any special cleaning requests are upfront so workers will be prepared.

Pre-booking your appointment with So Clean before our weekly schedule is full will ensure you never get missed.

Office Cleaning

We charge a flat rate for smaller jobs.

  • Emptying the trash and light cleaning (vacuuming and dusting) in an extremely small   office.
  • Starts around $20 -$30 per visit and goes up depending on office size and number of   workers.

Basic Services for once or twice a week.

  • Varies between $100 -$200 per month.

2-3 offices with a break and conference room.   Includes Daily trash pickup and vacuuming.

  • $500 -$700 a month. Starting Rate. Prices vary upon size and workload.

Larger jobs or those that require more specialized cleaning or more frequent service.

  • from 5 cents – 55 cents per square foot.

We charge separately for labor-intensive special services such as stripping and waxing floors.  Generally the larger the office, the lower the cost per square foot.

  • 25 cents50 cents a square foot.
  • $20 -$40 an hour carpet cleaning.
  • $10 -$35 per appliance Microwaves or refrigerators.

Basic nightly janitorial service 20,000 square foot office in a major city.

  • 5 cents – 10 cents per square foot or $2k -$4k per month.

Typical 6-room, 2,000 square foot office with a bathroom and a kitchenette in a less urban area.

  • Cost 10 cents55 cents per square foot or around $800 -$2,000 per month.

Medical or health care facilities require specialized cleaning and are usually at the higher end price range.

  • We bill this on an hourly rate rather than per square foot.

What we include:

  • Cleaning is usually done at night, while your business is closed.  Common daily duties   include disposing of trash, vacuuming and mopping common walkways, cleaning and dusting desktops, and cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms, including maintaining bathroom supplies. Additional tasks (which are not necessarily  done daily) can include carpet and upholstery cleaning, dusting ceilings and   light fixtures, and general maintenance tasks such as replacing burnt-out light bulbs.
  • A cleaning representative will need to tour your office or store before quoting a monthly price, as the types and conditions of surfaces affects the time it will take to clean them. The main factors for estimating the cost of janitorial service are frequency of cleaning; the age and condition of the premises; overall square footage; and special considerations such as heavy traffic areas, elevators or unusual cleaning requests.

Our janitorial services will supply you with cleaning supplies unless otherwise specified.

If you’re providing the cleaning supplies, be sure to let us know in advance so we don’t bill you for supplies.


House Carpet Cleaning.

Regular Price Unit


plus GST

2 Rooms
and Hallway


plus GST

3 Rooms
plus Hallway


plus GST

4 Rooms
plus Hallway


plus GST

5 Rooms
and Hallway

Apartment Carpet Cleaning.

Regular Price Unit


plus GST

1 Bedroom Apartment.


plus GST

2 Bedroom Apartment.


plus GST

3 Bedroom Apartment.


plus GST

Area Rugs
Deep Steam Clean and stain removal.
Should you have to cancel we kindly ask that you provide us with 48 hours notice so that we have the opportunity to re-book your reservation.

Window Cleaning (Residential / Commercial)

Residential We offer contract services for weekly, monthly, and even one time.

Chicago Window Washing

Additional costs:

  • Storm windows and screens $1 each, french windows $3-$5 extra per window in/out and $2-$3 out only depending on the size , skylights $10 each.
  • Window washing Prices
  • Extra charge for new construction scraping (paint and concrete) and over sized window.
  • Third and fourth-floor ladder work $3-$5 extra per window.
  • Paint or stain removal on the windows $3.50-$6 for a regular-size.
  • Removing mineral deposits $20 per unit.variables that may affect charging per job such as how dirty the glass is, what is the access to the glass like, do we need to use ladders or extension poles, any obstacles to make cleaning difficult, any stains or hard water spots to remove? etc..

Commercial costs: We offer contract services for weekly, monthly, and even one time.

  • Commercial work is slightly different.  Per window price will be lower than residential work.
  • Simpler window styles (usually), more frequent visits (sometimes by contract of weekly/monthly/quarterly etc.) outside glass only.
  • Pricing of anywhere between $1 to $2 per pane side for ground level commercial glass but may need to be increased depending on other variables.

Additional costs:

  • Screen cleaning $5 each, depending on size.
  • Sliding glass doors $8 per door.
  • Second, third and fourth-floor ladder work $5 extra per window.
  • Paint or stain removal on the windows costs $6 for regular-sized.
  • Removing mineral deposits is $20 per unit.

In all cases we will visit your business to give you a FREE cost estimate.

You review the estimate and decide later with no pressure at all from us.

We do interior and exterior windows of all shapes and sizes.

We will get them sparkling clean and free of streaks.

We offer a 20% discount for REFERRAL scheduling.

Gutter Cleaning  Rates

Cost range of $125 to $350.

Single Story
Ranch or One Story Cape $125.00
Split Level, Cape with Rear Dormer, or Raised Ranch $185.00

Two Story
Colonial With Garage $250.00
Colonial With Walkout Basement $285.00

Two Story Colonial With Hip $350.00

XL Single Family House $1.50/foot.

Example of a XL house

Lawn   Maintenance

Properly cared for lawn and gardens can make a property look great!

Our lawn care services:

  • Edging.
  • Leaf blowing.
  • Tree trimming.
  • Lawn mowing.
  • Debris removal and fertilization.
  • Providing equipment (including fuel, oil and maintenance).

Cost depends on property size. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

  • We offer a $20 weekly or bi-weekly starting rate for a 10 X 10 basic front lawn cutting.
  • Most services range from $60 – $120 for more thorough property maintenance.
  • Additional sizes and services will require a FREE on-site estimate.

Tree trimming and organic waste removal

  • Considered a specialty service and will be charged separately.


In-ground pools and Hot Tubs/Spas

Our Regular service includes skimming the surface.  Vacuuming out all Dirt and debris.  Brushing the walls.  Emptying baskets and the filters.  Backwashing the circulation system.  Chemistry Checks tested for sanitization and water balance and adjusted accordingly.

Our costs and what we offer:
  • Full Service weekly or Twice a Month cleaning service cost $75-$165 per month, based on pools/spas Combined, Spas only, or just Chem Tests.
  • We carry our own cleaning tools including a telescopic pole, vacuum head and hose, also wall brushes, leaf skimmer, and test kits.

What is included:

  • A regular weekly pool service package generally includes brushing walls and steps, skimming debris off the water surface, checking and adjusting chemicals, backwashing the filter as needed and emptying the skimmer and pump baskets also brushing water ring tiles.

Additional costs:

  • Pools that are properly covered during the winter will require an opening service that prepares the pool for summer use. Opening costs are around $100-140 which includes an initial chlorine shock, removing cover, re-installing pump, filter, chlorinator, re-installing ladders and diving board.
  • Closing a well-maintained pool runs about $100-$150 if requires draining the water level below the freezing level, clearing water out of the plumbing lines, removing the ladders and diving board and attaching a pool cover.
  • We recommend keeping the water and run pumps through the winter.


  • Senior discounts are available.
  • Recommend us to a friend and recieve a discount


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