Choosing Reliable Carpet Cleaners: Vacuuming is Not Enough

Cleaning carpets by yourself is simple enough, right? Perhaps it is, if you use a powerful vacuum cleaner. And even then, you can’t be sure how clean it actually is. Carpets are made of thick fibers, usually wool, polyester, polypropylene, or nylon. All of these trap dirt and debris deep down, making it harder to reach and clean.

Carpet cleaning is important because carpets can make you and your family sick if they aren’t properly clean.

How can you solve this and clean your carpet? How can you choose the best carpet cleaning company? We will answer these and other questions in this article reviewing the top carpet-cleaning misconceptions.

1. Is vacuuming enough?

This is the most common carpet misconception. Most people believe simply vacuuming their carpet will keep it clean throughout the year.

Sure, vacuum cleaning removes dust, hair, crumbs and other debris. However, it won’t extract all the dirt from your carpet. It also won’t remove stains or odors. On the other hand, professional carpet cleaners use steam machines and reach deep into you carpet fibers to unlock the smallest particles of dirt and stains.

So, in addition to vacuuming your carpets weekly, have it steam-cleaned yearly as well. This is how you completely clean carpets.

2. Are all carpet-cleaning methods equally effective?

This is not true because there are many different cleaning methods.

For example, the dry-foam method consists of applying shampoo to your carpet, leaving it to dry and extracting it afterwards. This is not an old-school, ineffective method, however, some carpet-cleaning companies still swear by it.

Another method is the dry-chem, where a large cotton bonnet is spun side-to-side and gradually absorbs the carpet dirt. This is another ineffective method.

Finally, a third method is the dry-compound, where carpet cleaners spread an absorbent mixture on your carpet. Then it is brushed in and extracted with a vacuum cleaner once it has dried. This procedure is also not good.

These three methods do not clean your carpet because they still leave a dirty residue.

The only efficient method is by hot water extraction, also called steam cleaning. This process is actually pretty simple. A liquid cleaning solution is applied with hot water to your carpet. Later, a wet-vac lifts the carpet fibers and extracts the water and the dirt into a reservoir.

Steam cleaning allows you to reach the deepest sections of your carpeting. It removes all dust, bacteria, dirt, stains, and hair.

Other than cleaning your carpet, a steam cleaner also removes the excess cleaning solution as well, which makes it dry up faster.

3. Are all carpet-cleaning companies the same?

Carpet cleaners that uses dry-cleaning or anything else that isn’t steam cleaning simply cannot be as efficient. All it takes to understand the difference is to compare and contrast both methods by yourself the next time you call a carpet cleaner service.

4. Is it Worth Waiting Before Cleaning Your Carpets?

If you believe you can save money on cleaning your carpets, think again. If you neglect your maintenance for too long, your carpet will get older prematurely, meaning your remaining option will be buying new carpeting once again.

Cleaning your carpets regularly will make them last longer and save you money. Cleaning carpets with Vancouver carpet cleaners is a small investment in exchange to saving thousands of dollars in new carpets.

5. Shouldn’t I Clean My Carpets Only When They Are Dirty?

The lack of stains in your carpet do not mean it is clean. On the contrary – by the time it gets noticeably dirty, perhaps it could be too far gone.

The main issue is that we can only see the carpet surface, not what is inside the fibers. Also remember that microscopic bacteria and viruses live in your carpet without you realizing.

Have your carpets professionally clean yearly to ensure your carpet durability.

6. If I Own A Steam Cleaner, Can I Clean My Carpets Myself?

Well, equipment isn’t the only element you need to clean carpets. You also need expert knowledge to actually do it.

Carpet cleaning pros are trained specifically for cleaning carpets and have years of experience and knowledge that most homeowners don’t – ranging from which carpet shampoo to apply to which steam cleaner to use based on your carpet type and how soiled it is.

So if you’re considering to rent a steam cleaner and DIY your carpet cleaning, don’t. Unless you prefer risking carpet destruction over hiring a professional carpet-cleaning company.

7. Should I Hire The Company Offering The Lowest Price?

If you are on a tight budget, then you don’t have much of a choice in the matter. However, you get what you pay for. Perhaps you are lucky and the job is well-done, or not so much and your carpets stay dirty or even destroyed.

What you need to do is to be strategic. Ask around and compare prices and service quality offered by local companies. You will likely find a company that will clean your carpets for a competitive price.

8. Should You Hire The Most Expensive Company?

Well, this is the complete opposite of the previous points and a misconception just the same. There are several companies offering carpet cleaning services at exorbitant prices.

High prices don’t ensure high quality services. The equipment and the products tend to be the same. Their main differential is the higher price.

Ask your neighbors, friends, and family for references and their experiences with different companies. You are bound to find one offering good value for money.

9. Do Carpet Cleaners Ever Provide References?

Any company proud of its work will gladly provide references. When they don’t, either it means they are starting out recently and still don’t have references or they are hiding something.

Be persistent and cautious. Don’t let others persuade you that references aren’t important. You will eventually find a company providing references to their previous work.

10. Shouldn’t All Carpet Cleaning Companies Give A Precise Quote Over The Phone?

A serious company will seldom give you a quote over the phone. The price depends on the carpet type, amount of dirt and how much furniture needs to be moved.

These can’t be determined over the phone, cleaners have to visit your house and assess it. Only then you can receive an accurate quote.